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As A Family 

Tips From The Neighborhood Midwife:

Personal, Consistent, There for You

Imagine your birth journey being super supported.  Imagine your birth bringing you and your partner closer, more in touch with one another's strengths.  Imagine the formation of your family bringing your new little one into the world with more self-assuredness, more of YOU showing up, more of the best mom or dad you could ever be because your JOURNEY supports new growth not just of your baby, but of YOU.  

Maybe you are just starting a family. Maybe you want a different style of care than what you’ve had in the past. Whatever it is, your providers make all the difference. 

Knowledge Is Power

Community Midwifery care is about being informed and in charge for yourself about all aspects of your body and your birth. Be Informed.  Be Inspired by your own extraordinary strength.  Be One Mother of A Mother.  

Choosing A Community Midwife

Our step by step guide will help you on your path to Community Birth.  From Safety to the "Yes I CAN!" - we'll guide you so you can choose for yourself.

Is Birth Center and Home Birth Safe?

Here’s Why You'll Be SAFER With Us

Costs: What does it cost and how do people pay for home and birth center births?

How does community midwifery include that's most important to you?

Water Birth, Natural Birth, Midwives, Home Birth: We've Got Them All! 

Childbirth is a once in a lifetime experience for EVERY baby and family.  Here's how it works with home and birth center midwives.

Got Questions? 

If you'd like to ask your question to families and midwives in our forum, go to Our Facebook Group! We want to connect growing families to help build and strengthen the families birthing in the San Diego area.

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