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Our Mission 

Our Dual Mission:  To see all San Diego families having the extraordinary, personal care of Community Midwives.  To cultivate a supportive community including our fellow midwives and the families we serve.  Our mission is to make it clear that Community Midwives are the highest value reproductive care option in the U.S. 

Who We Are... What We Stand For

See Midwives - Our Mission gives us common strength to fight for the rights of families to get the respectful, safe, extraordinary care they deserve.  

We are LOVING working together in the process of restoring Community Midwifery as the Gold Standard for Maternity Care in the U.S. 

Kayti Buehler

Founder, CEO, Licensed Midwife, Doula; Kayti formed See Midwives in 2018 with the help of 5 other midwives after 11 years of birth work hearing and personally experiencing the stark contrast between what women and men experienced in their hospital births and the extraordinary care people were having with their community midwives.   Read More...

Kat Conley

Behind the Scenes Woman Extraordinairre: Kat is Mama Wolf of two home birth babies, and the 'behind the scenes' force of See Midwives, here to help empower birth families to have access to the extraordinary care that is Community Midwifery.

Zerah Bonifacio

Social Media Advisor and Producer: Zerah is a student, social media influencer and soon to be a mom of 2 under 2 babies, planning a home birth after C-section. Here for the See Midwives quest to help promote community midwifery to families to empower them to have access to personable care, and informed choices.

Courtney Walters

Story Corps Coordinator and Contributor; Mommy-To-Be planning a home birth, educator, yogi, healing practitioner. Supporting the See Midwives Mission to educate and empower new families seeking to grow, birth, and parent naturally on their own terms.

Mothers Stories 

What Our Mothers Say About Their Midwife Care

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"We are a military family and heard about the amazing women at San Diego Midwife from many recommendations. I delivered my third baby with them at Babies in Bloom while my husband was deployed. They provided excellent care, addressed any and all questions/concerns, went above and beyond to provide emotional support needed to deliver a baby without your spouse, allowed me to have the birth plan I wanted, and helped me achieve it. Delivering at Babies in Bloom (in a tub!) felt as comfortable as if I were laboring at home. I could not have asked for a better prenatal and birth experience. 

Angelita in Oceanside

Client - Mom at San Diego Midwives

When Paula noted that I was due for a well woman exam and told me that they could do it for me, I, of course, said yes. I was open to this because of the positive experiences I had with our prenatal and postpartum exams, but it wasn't until I actually experienced it that I realized how low our standards can be when it comes to having our bodies examined by health professionals. Any time Haley or Paula would have to touch my body, whether it be my arm or my pelvic area, they would ask permission to touch me. It was then I realized I had NEVER been asked that by my doctors in the past. I  didn't know how much it would make a difference in my comfort level, and overall experience.  The well woman visit was comprehensive and covered all the standard things you expect at a PCP or OB-GYN's office, but went above and beyond. They explained everything they were doing and why. They asked me questions about my health, lifestyle, and mood. Most importantly, they LISTENED and HEARD me and my concerns.  I learned more in my one well woman visit about my body than I ever have in all my years of having well woman exams performed by OB-GYNs.  -JL ​


Client- Mother at Paula's Midwifery

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