Our Community Stories

Love Letter to my Baby

Leanna shares her love letter to her baby about their home birth journey with Midwife Kayti Buehler, and Midwife Marli Ivers. Click the photo to read Leanna's story.

A Redemptive and Empowering Birth Story

After a traumatic birth with Laura's first baby, her redemptive and empowering second birth inspired her to become a birth doula!

Steph and Evelyn's Home Birth Story

My home birth was not exactly how I imagined, but it was exactly how it should have been. I had the kind of birth I wanted not in spite of, but because of the level of care and support I received.

What you aren’t told as a first time parent.

Marylynn shares the story of her two births, the first in a hospital and the second in a birth center.

Listen to Your Body

Renae shares her magical, safe, and extraordinary home birth story.

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