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Birth Givers and their Partners have, for many years in the U.S., had too few choices and very impersonal and incredibly misdirected maternity care.  For too many families (approximately 97%) there has been very little known about Community Midwifery care and the truly extraordinary care this option provides.  The U.S. has a healthcare system which is renowned for being "Broken" including high costs and high surgical birth (cesarean) rates, while families struggle with recoveries from unsupported births, unsupported breastfeeding, poor breastfeeding rates and high rates of postpartum depression for birth givers and their partners alike. 

See Midwives is here because 97% of Americans have not realized there is another way. 

See Midwives sets out to be leaders in a national movement to swing the pendulum back towards woman- directed, highly personalized care, putting birth-giving families back at the true helm of their own care.  Community Midwives' care costs less, is reported to be incredibly rewarding for parents, and has much better outcomes for low risk folks than the standard mill- like industrial medicine currently standard in the U.S. 

See Midwives is here to make sure every birthing family in this country KNOWS about community midwifery care, understands the extraordinary possibilities for themselves and their babies, and has ACCESS to this kind of care. 

We believe that our efforts, alongside many other heroic birth world leaders, will help change the U.S. healthcare system to VALUING COMMUNITY MIDWIVES as the highest value maternity care option in the U.S. by 2035.