Healers Midwives

Here we highlight the many healers midwives love to refer their families to. 

Pregnancy birth and postpartum will really alter your body and spirit in ways that ASK for healing, for kindness, for new ways of being in your body, of listening to your spirit, of allowing others to help you... It's called community.  And for many, building our families is where building our communities begins.

Healers - By Category

Does your body or spirit work better with an awesome team? Of course it does!! Best time in your life to be taken care of!

Go Build Your Support Force


Birth or Postpartum, they are there to help you and your partner in ways that make this transition BETTER.


Pregnancy, Postpartum Body, Newborn: Chiropractors heal the body so we can go on WELL, able to live fully. 

Birth Educators

Find the instructor and the class that will help you understand your pregnancy, birth and postpartum life. 

Lactation Consultants

Supporting you and your infant with a lactation consultant helps every family.

Massage Therapists

Pre and post natal massage supports mothers carrying their babies in and out of the womb.

Pelvic Floor Therapists

So much of our health in pregnancy and our entire life postpartum depends on the health of our pelvic floor.


Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors support mothers at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood.


Find the support you need in all things after you transition into motherhood.