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Doula Heather Taylor

Doula Heather Taylor, CBE CLE
P: 619-729-6601 E: [email protected]
I provide as many prenatals as my families and I find beneficial. Connection and trust is key within my practice. 
Birth Doula

Pampered Package Doula Services 

Kym Benner
P: 951-218-5490 E: [email protected]
I have been a Birth Doula for over 30 years and been a part of over 700 births. I am the type of Doula who will support the birth YOU want, whether that's at home, in the hospital, a birth center, without an epidural or with an epidural. At the end of the day this is your birth, your body and your baby. I am a hands on doula, my hands are my best tool along with other certification techniques I hold in Acupressure, rebozo and spinning babies. The reason I got into birth work was to Advocate for women so they could have the birth they want, need and deserve. 

Dr. Alison Zebron 

Dr. Alison Zebron, PT, DPT
P: 516-313-3494 E: [email protected]
I also specialize in pelvic floor Physical therapy. I have virtual classes moms can take during pregnancy to prepare for labor, postpartum and breastfeeding.
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Joyful Roots Doulas

Dara DeSoto, CD (DONA), CLEC, HDHC
P: 619-339-8556 E: [email protected]
We provide birth and postpartum support, lactation support, and placenta encapsulation. Would you like more of a blurb for an About section? Let me know and I can provide more information to bulk up the listing.
Birth & Postpartum Doula

Sacred Mama Healing

Jamie Reinhardt
P: 760-445-5905 E: [email protected]
Jamie Reinhardt is a Postpartum Doula with a focus on Ayurvedic Postpartum Wellness. Her mission is to provide healing to mothers within their first 40 days after they give birth, so they can thrive for their next 40 years. She does this by providing nourishing meals, emotional support and guidance, body work, belly binding, yoni steaming, and more. With a focus on healing, her goal to have you feeling rested, nourished, and healthy when your sacred window is complete. 
Postpartum Doula