Midwives LOVE Massage Therapists Here's Why: 

Massage Therapists help free pregnant women of muscle aches so they can carry their babies in a more relaxed way. This helps mothers birth with less muscle restraint. Mothers need rejuvenation and relaxation in order to be their best selves. 

Rebirth Massage 

Joanna Y, Carla R, Liz M, Karrina M, Dani M, Marissa M
P: 206-883-5899 E: [email protected]
Rebirth was established in 2011 with the vision or providing healing care for women through every season of their lives. We see women from fertility to postpartum and beyond. 
Prenatal Massage, Postpartum Massage, Fertility Massage, Womb Massage, Yoni Steam Baths 
North Park

Becky Gonzalez

P: 760-458-5100 E: [email protected]
I do fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and postpartum bindings, and women’s wellness massages.
I have an office in PB and Encinitas