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Prenatal Care 

Imagine having time for YOU- all your questions.  All your concerns.  Imagine that at your prenatal visits with your midwife (team) you feel known, cared for, and in the presence of someone wise and experienced who can HELP with the aches, pains and the looking-forward to's.  
Community Midwives generally take 30-60 minutes per appointment...

Prenatal Care With a Community Midwife

What We Cover, What to Expect

First Visit: Your History and Physical; Labs and Ultrasounds

Not every midwife does it the same of course! Because like you, their practice is individual, but basically we all go in approximately the same order: 

The first prenatal visit is usually a lot of checking boxes: 

Would you like an ultrasound?  Would you like lab tests run? If so, which ones?  Or maybe you have your labs and ultrasounds done already? We can always order records from previous providers.

We offer you all the standard labs and ultrasounds you might have with a hospital midwife like UCSD Midwives or with an OB. Want genetic testing?  We can order those tests.  Want to delay the early ultrasound?  No problem.  YOUR PRENATAL CARE IS YOURS when you have a Community Midwife.  Visit Lengths: 30-90 minutes

Subsequent Visits: 30-60 Minutes

Midwifery Care can begin as early as 6 weeks!! Some folks even come in so we can help them GET pregnant! But whatever week you start, we'll meet you where you're at. 

First Trimester: morning sickness, diet and exercise, getting excited about your coming arrival, answering allll the questions, ordering tests...

Second Trimester: 12- 28 weeks
In my practice, 2nd Tri is a great time to talk about diet and nutrition (because you're usually feeling better by then and can eat more of the foods you normally enjoy!).  We talk about doulas, childbirth classes,  upcoming labs like the glucose test, and aches and pains that are starting, and, as always, answering questions!!!

Partners are ALWAYS SUPER INVOLVED.  We listen to the baby's heartbeat with a doppler or fetascope,  usually having the partner help with this.  We show you and them where your uterus and the baby's body is... it's a really cool experience.  I love how couples bond in these moments together.

3rd Trimester: 28 weeks until delivery

Gosh! This Trimester, we start seeing each other more often.  You'll see your midwife (team) usually every other week from 28 weeks until 36 weeks, so you start to connect more often which really helps us to bond.

We start seeing you more often at this point because the placenta completes maturation and your blood volume completes expansion, while your baby really gets to growing more!  It all adds up to more frequent visits being more helpful in the 3rd trimester! 

At 28 weeks you might choose to do the Gestational Diabetes or Glucose check and another iron check. 

Around 30 weeks many practices will begin talking with you about birth supplies preparation.

At 32 weeks, we'll check (with our hands, which are very sensitive) to see that baby is head down.  Baby SHOULD be head down at 32 weeks.  If they are not, it is a great time (while they're still small) to do some of our famous techniques for getting them to "flip" head down.  Between our suggestions and your exercises, together we usually can help them to get head down by 36 weeks.  

At 36-37 weeks if you're planning a home birth, your midwife (or team) will come out and do a home visit to check supplies, make sure we can find and park at your place, and just have a lovely lovely prenatal visit together.  (We always listen to baby's heartbeat at every visit.) 

37 weeks to Delivery

We start seeing one another every week from 37 weeks to delivery.  This is to listen to the baby's heartbeat and your blood pressure more frequently to monitor for changes.  Your midwife (team) can and may also offer you additional monitoring at this time in the event that you're over 35 years old or have any conditions that need attention. 

This is a fun time to see one another.  You're really anticipating your home or birth center birth.  You and your partner are excited to finally meet your baby.  We have fewer "boxes to check" and visits can range anywhere from feeling very social to really spending time helping with body aches and pains to help you be comfortable in the last weeks of pregnancy. 
In California, Community Midwives can attend your birth up to 42 weeks of pregnancy, so we keep seeing each other until your baby comes! :)  If we start getting near that 42 week end-zone we usually check in and if you would like, we can offer ideas for helping your body get into labor and baby to head on out! 

Coming Soon: Labor and Birth With A Community Midwife 

Got a birth story to share? We'd love to share it here! :)